Comparative Study for Operational Takeover Project in Rhône-Alpes

Conducting a detailed comparative study on three properties to guide the best project manager in the choice of its future proposed takeover of activity of guest rooms.

Having been searching for a guesthouse to take over for the last couple of months, I ended up having the choice between three guesthouses that were susceptible to convince me. Not knowing how to determine which one was the most suitable for my project, I took to calling Jerome, whom I have known from the past for having solicited him for help. His response was as always of extreme rapidity and precision. So I asked him for a comparative study of the three prospects, a study which he entrusted to Kendall.

At that time I was particularly restricted in time as I have a short period to get back to all of the owners, and I had the good surprise of receiving the complete study in shorter time than I had expected…! Thank you Kendall!

Having chosen on one of the houses, but wanting to put all the odds in my favor, I once again called up Jerome to make a thorough analysis of the guesthouse; which was once again to my satisfaction headed by Kendall.

At numerous stages during the study I had questions; and at every question I received a swift, detailed and precise responses from Jerome or Kendall; even when my questions extended past the scope of the study I was asking for!

I am currently in the forthcoming signature of the sales agreement of this house and I am keen to continue with Guest & Strategy regarding the marketing strategy and the development of the website of my project.

I am really pleased to have discovered this company through personal research on the internet, and can only praise the professionalism of Jerome and all his team.


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