Guest & House

Guest & House was created from a triple finding

Since the creation of Guest & Strategy in March 2010, its founder, Jerome Forget, accompanied on a daily basis many project managers in the dream of opening guesthouses. He advises and follows them from the idea to the launch of their business, and today works more frequently on high-end project.

Through these numerous meetings, each unique to one another, Jerome was still able to see real similarities between the managers, owners and their guesthouses.

  1. Values and close desires: the desire to live their passion and to succeed, putting in value their heritage and sharing a story and welcoming guests from around the world.
  2. Charming guesthouses: the market of guesthouses is not what it was 10 or 15 years ago. The industry has become more professional and it is now important to innovate and differentiate through often character, atypical architecture and decoration.
  3. A wish to develop with their operation: accompaniment by Guest & Strategy is often a source for the owners and managers of new standards in terms of development in their activity. They are ready to learn more vis-à-vis each other, but also in the marketing field.

The objective of Guest & House

When the exceptional meets the unique, you are probably in a Guest & House property!

Guest & House has the will to weave a thread between excellence of independent guesthouses, which share common values from the host, style and comfort. Network members were followed and selected by Guest & Strategy for excellence, they know and regularly exchange with them to ensure mutual promotion.

From the Riviera to Wallonia (Belgium), the Loire Valley to Switzerland, through Provence, Correze, Picardy, The North, the Lot, Ile de France and Paris, the network today accounts for no less than 12 exceptional guesthouses.

Guest & House is not a label, not a website bringing together guest rooms but rather one network of intimate charming guest houses of character selected on a very strict set of three pillars:

  1. Exceptional Properties: architecture, style and comfortable rooms
  2. Exceptional Hosts: refined personalities who know their territory guarantees a unique hospitality
  3. Exceptional Marketing Strategy: a logo, a business card, a website of high quality with its mobile version and online booking engine for each individual property.

Our promise is that the traveler is never disappointed by one of our guesthouses from the beginning to the end of their stay…