Individual Workshop for Guesthouse Creation in Guerande

When the idea of opening my owner guesthouse came to mind, a multitude of questions arrived from all corners. What legal status? How to make a good website? What online marketing strategy to adopt? Clearly, to ensure mistakes, I needed accompaniment in order to launch my guesthouse. My first contact with Jerome Forget was on the telephone, and already by the end of the conversation, many things were much clearer.

Jerome came to my house for a completely individual and personalized training. Together we built my business forecast, market research, and my retro-planning before the opening. His expert advice, knowledge, ability to assess different strategies to my accommodations, reassured me and motivated me for my future operation. My project, quickly became reality.

I know now, the accompaniment of Guest & Strategy is a key success factor of my project. I came out from that day more motivated than ever before, but equally assured as I had the indications of the best path to follow.

Thank you Jerome.