Project managers

The sector of guesthouse and boutique accommodations is now evolving. It is structured and professional. The opening of high-end project and multiplying, leading to a growing competition between institutions increased without ensuring operating success. The development race is launched because the statistics prove it; host tourism, durable, authentic charm, heritage; all together seducing more French and now international clients!

Whether your goal is to open or resume a guesthouse or furnished accommodation, you must prepare your project with the utmost care. This is especially true if your accommodation is professional and registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of your territory.

Guest & Strategy offers a true strategic support program for the launch and development of your project in the long term. By providing training, advice and effective solutions, Guest & Strategy proposes to be your contact and to put the odds on your side in order to achieve projects of excellence.

  • Feasibility and market study:
    possibility of your individualized training delivered over a period of 1 to 3 days of immersion potentially available in a guest house or the possibility of collective training programs of five days pai9nting a more comprehensive picture of the activity, accessible on dates and defined in advance. Also remote support services available as appropriate and subject to adherence to a monthly plan.
  • Training and accompaniment from a distance:
    2 or 3 days of immersion individual training in a guest house and remote support throughout your project to your opening,(administrative monitoring, advice on the choice of service providers, consulting SEO, web marketing strategy, etc.)
  • Sales and marketing strategy:
    Establishing a marketing and overall business strategy (designing your logo, achieving your paper media and your website performance, accompaniment to your internet SEO, etc.) as part of the launch of your guesthouse.