References and testimonials of all the clients of the agency Guest & Strategy.

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Comparative Study for Operational Takeover Project in Rhône-Alpes

Conducting a detailed comparative study on three properties to guide the best project manager in the choice of its future proposed takeover of activity of guest rooms.
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Having been searching for a guesthouse to take over for the last couple of months, I ended up having the choice between three guesthouses that were susceptible to convince me. Not knowing how to determine which one was the most suitable for my project, I took to calling Jerome, whom I have known from the past for having solicited him for help. His response was as always of extreme rapidity and precision. So I asked him for a comparative study of the three prospects, a study which he entrusted to Kendall.

At that time I was particularly restricted in time as I have a short period to get back to all of the owners, and I had the good surprise of receiving the complete study in shorter time than I had expected…! Thank you Kendall!

Having chosen on one of the houses, but wanting to put all the odds in my favor, I once again called up Jerome to make a thorough analysis of the guesthouse; which was once again to my satisfaction headed by Kendall.

At numerous stages during the study I had questions; and at every question I received a swift, detailed and precise responses from Jerome or Kendall; even when my questions extended past the scope of the study I was asking for!

I am currently in the forthcoming signature of the sales agreement of this house and I am keen to continue with Guest & Strategy regarding the marketing strategy and the development of the website of my project.

I am really pleased to have discovered this company through personal research on the internet, and can only praise the professionalism of Jerome and all his team.


Individual Workshop for Guesthouse Creation in Bretagne

Individually adapted workshop for two days with the theme of project feasibility, marketing and e-tourism in order to implement a project to create a guest house in Brittany. The first day allowed me to define the context of the project and to also define the feasibility on the market while including the financial and legal aspects. The second day was equally theoretic work, while primarily working on the marketing strategy and sales to put in place in order to boost online visibility and positioning at the heart of the sector.
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Moving on from the concept to the concrete. As we “launch” ourselves in a new world, we look for benchmarks. We spend a lot of time on forums and websites, to read, get motivated, lose motivation, and find it again…

It is not easy to quickly find the keys and operating codes to succeed alone. So we had sought out training to accompany us in the project of creating guest rooms and gites.

More than a workshop and management, we have found with Jerome Forget and Guest & Strategy authentic backing to the creation and development. We left fully satisfied with this training. In a dynamic and flexible manor, we undertook our project from the start, reviewing market studies, our professional aptitudes in the face of this new life, the business plan and specifically the marketing strategy to adopt to ensure the expected profitability.

Guest & Strategy has already accompanied several creations, we have clearly benefitted of excellent returns of experiences which allowed us to anticipate certain mistakes. We can only recommend this workshop to those who wish to launch themselves in this new adventure.

Rachel and Roberto Ditroia

Market Study for eventual high-end Guesthouse in Paris

Conducting a detailed market research to guide best the project leader in localization and positioning of its future product.
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After taking up studies in cultural & tourism communication in CELSA 2013, I had the desire to create a guesthouse in Paris.

But I knew nothing about starting a business or market research. Strumming on the internet, I found agencies accompanying project managers but only that of Guest & Strategy caught my attention due to the professional quality of its website and the solid training of the entire team, specifically Jerome Forget, the director.

So I got in touch by sending a message to the agency in January 2015. I was very surprised by the reactivity of Jerome whom got back to me very quickly by a clear, sympathetic and comprehensive email.

I offered him to come by and have a coffee and our beautiful collaboration started because I felt reassured by his competencies, his knowledge of the tourism industry and alertness throughout.

Guest & Strategy delivered to me a market research in PowerPoint format that was particularly precise and comprehensive on tourism in the Ile-de-France region and notably Paris, including text, visuals, photos and statistics. I am delighted of this comparative study which allowed me to refine my positioning and to choose my future geographic location thanks to the mapping and competitive study completed.

In all confidence, I decide to follow my project with Guest & Strategy which accompanies me today in marketing and website & logo creation.

The assets of Guest & Strategy: a very reactive, professional and friendly team led by a passionate conductor, hyperactive and always attentive to our questions.

A big thank you to all your team!


Individual Workshop for Guesthouse Creation in Guerande

Individual training in the creation of guest houses in Guérande , to support the project leader at the start of its activity. With our trainer, the two days of training enabled to work the positioning of the guest house , the product , legal status , pricing without forgetting the forecast business and marketing strategy to deploy in a retro -planning of shares.
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When the idea of opening my owner guesthouse came to mind, a multitude of questions arrived from all corners. What legal status? How to make a good website? What online marketing strategy to adopt? Clearly, to ensure mistakes, I needed accompaniment in order to launch my guesthouse. My first contact with Jerome Forget was on the telephone, and already by the end of the conversation, many things were much clearer.

Jerome came to my house for a completely individual and personalized training. Together we built my business forecast, market research, and my retro-planning before the opening. His expert advice, knowledge, ability to assess different strategies to my accommodations, reassured me and motivated me for my future operation. My project, quickly became reality.

I know now, the accompaniment of Guest & Strategy is a key success factor of my project. I came out from that day more motivated than ever before, but equally assured as I had the indications of the best path to follow.

Thank you Jerome.


Creation of a Website for Guesthouse and Gites “Domaine de L’Osage”

Creating a website for a Bastide in the South East of France. The Domaine de L’Osage take its name from a very particular orange that the owners had the privilege to discover within their beautiful grounds. Naturally, the design of the website was therefore created around this specificity, which makes the charm of this exceptional house. Charm and character are equally put in value thanks to the natural and sober colors of the website, as well as the large and illuminous panoramic photos of the property.
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We met Jerome Forget during the year of 2012 while we had just started to work on our project of launching our guesthouse. At the start we believed that some simple tips would suffice us to consolidate the ideas we had in mind.

Very quickly is turned out that the competences of Guest & Strategy extended far beyond that, and it was a real local market study that seemed necessary for us to progress. Naturally we had cast our sights on a beautiful building, once viticulture structure of du Gard, L’Ardeche and la Drome et Vacluse. The positioning was multiple. Jerome’s aid was precious to us. To feel accompanied and supported by a motivated team is a real comfort.

Beyond this study Jerome’s councils were permanent. Especially when it came to our positioning on the internet; to whom should be partner with? To work with? How to make a website? Etc. Finally we entrusted the task to Guest & Strategy for the website, and we are far from disappointed. Far from it. We regularly receive numerous complements on this subject from our clients.

After two months of operation we exploded with the most optimistic expectations: nearly 300 nights sold and a filling of our gites close to 90%! Thank you to Jerome and his staff and let us prepare for the future together.

Frédéric Bazin