Resumption of activity

After 5 years of activity and solid expertise built through the many project leaders we have together, we can identify a new comic trend since 2014; disaster recovery.

So as opening a guesthouse of your dreams makes your feel right at home and gives you the impression you only need to invest your personal touch, continuing an existing guesthouse actually represents a handful of advantageous assets. The market of guesthouses and holiday homes are becoming more professional, and as a consequence, disaster recovery appears to be an advantageous solution for many.

The continuation of a guesthouse operation can bring you:

  • Online notoriety
  • An existing customer base, and sometimes perhaps already loyal to the establishment
  • Higher financial results at the start of the activity
  • A house “ready for use,” even if your personal touch needs still to be added
  • A little “training” with former owners and why not, a source file

Does the option of disaster recovery interest you but you hesitate between several houses, whether in the same department or in remote areas? Again, know that Guest & Strategy can accompany you in your efforts.

We will advise on questions to a multitude of questions to ask for the current owners of the guesthouse, on the financial analysis of the activity on the market and competition, but also the overall strategy and marketing for you to adopt, differentiate and do even better than your predecessors.

For this type of study, we propose two solutions:

  • Consider a study conducted only by us and handed to you “turnkey”
  • Or a review of your study, obviously made from a frame we will send to you.

Please also note that it is now possible for us to visit you directly, or the property selected for you to advance, confirm or deny the purchase in question.